To install IGNNTION, we provide the user with two possibilities. Please, ensure you use Python 3.7 - 3.8. Otherwise, we do not guarantee the correct installation of dependencies.


The first one, which we strongly recommend, is based on the use of the library PyPI. In this case, an only single command is required, which we show below. This command will automatically install if needed all the dependencies and then install IGNNITION.

pip install --upgrade pip
pip install ignnition

Source files

The second possibility allows the installation from the source files themselves. To do so, follow the steps shown below:

Download the source files

First of all, we must download the latest version of the code of Github.

wget ''

Prepare the environment

Then, use the command shown underneath to install all the dependencies of IGNNITION, which are listed in the requirements.txt file.

pip install -r requirements.txt


Finally, you have to install the IGNNITION library. For this, run the following command:

python install

Next step

To continue the process of creating your first GNN, if you feel confident with GNNs, we recommend you to check out the User Guide where you will find all the information needed to write your new model. Check also examples where you will find implementations of other GNNs which might serve as a starting point for your model. In case you don’t yet feel completely confident with GNNs, we recommend you to examine our quick tutorial where we review every step to creating a GNN model for a simple use-case.